Information Architect (Location: Alabang)

Information Architect

Location: Alabang, Muntinlupa City

(Fresh graduates and entry levels are encouraged to apply)


The Information Architect will plan, design develop and project manage information architecture of a website, such as user journey, site structure, interfaces etc. Talking into account not only the purpose and goals of the clients, but also the best way to articulate those purposes and goals to the target audience. This includes supporting policies, tools, standards and training so that website audience can easily locate information.

Skills and Role

  • Webmaster with system / administration knowledge.
  • Knowledge of site design, mastery in principles of Web design (HCI, HTML, XHTML, CSS)
  • Knowledge information design principles and well develop skills in interface design (wire framing, story boarding, mock ups interface elements and icons) and user case modeling (flowchart, scenarios and information architecture (site maps and navigation).
  • Good command of architecture-related software(Visio, Photoshop, MS Office, Acrobat Dreamweaver).
  • Knowledge of User Centric Design Principles and Practices.
  • Knowledge of database administration concept and Interwoven TeamSite.

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